T. G. Masaryk and education

The Masaryk Days 2022

Jiří Hanuš

The third annual Masaryk Days will take place at Masaryk University on 2nd and 3rd March. This time it will be devoted to the topic of education. There can be no doubt that TGM, as a university teacher, was interested not only in his own disciplines, in which he excelled (sociology, philosophy), but also in more general pedagogical issues - this can also be said of the time when he was president. Interviews with Petr Hlaváček from the Faculty of Arts of Charles University and Tomáš Janík from the Faculty of Education of Masaryk University, as well as a lecture by Stanislav Balík from the Faculty of Social Studies of Masaryk University will remind us of this face of Masaryk.

This year's Masaryk Days will also include the Education for Science conference, which will be attended by representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science and experts from universities, the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and other institutions. This event is a follow-up to the successful spring Science for Society conference and will again focus on the complex situation that our society and educational institutions are experiencing during the covid pandemic.

A regular cultural refreshment of Masaryk Days has become a concert, this time featuring Vladimír Richter and Petr Hala from MU with a combination of small piano pieces by Leoš Janáček and songs from Jan Amos Komenský's Amsterdam Canticle.

The organisers' intention is not only to maintain an ongoing interest in the spiritual father of Masaryk University, but to update his legacy through talks, conference papers and academic discussions. However, the two-day event is intended to become an opportunity to reach out not only to the academic public, but to all those interested in Masaryk's personality and in the problems of education.

Jiří Hanuš
Vice-Rector for Academic and Personnel Affairs

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